2022/10/09 Online Bulletin (Sansung English Ministry)

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2021/10/09 Online Bulletin

Sermon: The Boundary Breaker
Scripture: Leviticus 11:45

Service Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeb5if9D270

Welcome to Sansung English Ministry We are an English/Korean speaking church that gathers to experience God and community (onsite and online). Our goal is Love God, Love Others and Serve the World

Sunday Worship 1:30 PM @Dream Hall, Jeongnim-dong 27, Seogu, Daejeon
email: rev.sang@sansung.org
Website: www.sansung.org/international
Social Media: Click the images below to visit our youtube channel and facebook group:


1. Serving for Gongju Hope Community (for the Mentally Handicapped), with Church Service Team for the Handicapped, and with Japanese, Vietnamese, English and Chinese Worship Service Teams: Serving with Jajangm-yeon and Praising God, Oct. 15th (Sat), 9 am-15:30 pm. English Worship Service members are going to sing two gospel songs: (1) He Knows My Name and (2) Goodness of God.

2. Change of Worship Place

Beginning on October 16th we will gather in Vision Hall (@ 2pm)

-New Comers/Visitors
If you are here for the first time, please fill out a “Guestbook”(offline) or leave comments on our YouTube service(online) and join us for fellowship after the service.

-Small Group Guide

1. Read today's word together.

2. Intro: What are some foods you can't eat?

3. What are some boundaries you need to guard (sins to avoid)? What are some boundaries you need to break in order to show God’s holiness to the world (things you can do share Jesus to others)?

Jesus broke the OOOOOOOO to make us OOOO.

God still OOOOOO to us OOOOO. 

-Online Offering

농협(Nonghyup) 453817-55-004790(Sunday)

농협(Nonghyup) 05858111-18(Tithe)

농협(Nonghyup) 05858111-28(Thanks offering)

농협(Nonghyup) 05858111-48(Mission’s fund)


-Bible Reading







Matt 23-24

Matt 25-26

Matt 27-28

Mark 1-3

Mark 4-5

Mark 6-7

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