2023/04/09 Online Bulletin (Sansung English Ministry)

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2023/04/09 Online Bulletin

Sermon: Saved by Grace 

Scripture: Ephesians 2:1-10

Service Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr5PODTE0QE

Welcome to Sansung English Ministry! We are an English/Korean speaking church that gathers to experience God and community (onsite and online). Our goal is Love God, Love Others and Serve the World.

Sunday Worship 2:00 PM @Vision Hall, Jeongnim-dong 27, Seogu, Daejeon
email: rev.sang@sansung.org
Website: www.sansung.org/international
Social Media: Click the images below to visit our youtube channel and facebook group:

-New Comers/Visitors

Welcome to our church! We have small group meeting right after the service. Please join us for fellowship, conversation, and prayer.

-Small Group Guide

1. Read today's word together.

2. Intro: Have had any dreams lately during sleep? Or what are some dreams you remember most? 

‌3. What are some of the great blessings in your life? What are some events in your life that let to it which you had no control over? 

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-Online Offering

농협(Nonghyup) 453817-55-004790(Sunday)

농협(Nonghyup) 05858111-18(Tithe)

농협(Nonghyup) 05858111-28(Thanks offering)

농협(Nonghyup) 05858111-48(Mission’s fund)


-Bible Reading







2 Samuel 17-19

1 Samuel 20-22

2 Samuel 23-24

1 Kings 1-3

1 Kings 4-6

1 Kings 7-8

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